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Twenty years ago, the first wave of CRM solutions launched. The world looked a little different then — no Apple Watches or Fitbits. The iPhone wasn’t even an inkling. There was only one way to reach customers one-to-one: email. On their desktop computers. When they had a chance to sit down and dial up. But now, people are connected every waking moment — working, shopping, driving, sometimes even sleeping. Instead of waiting for them to sit down, we need to meet them where they are, in the very moment they’re primed to hear from us.

So why is it that most marketers are still using a solution built back then for back then? No wonder most marketers feel frustrated, inhibited.

We certainly were. We were marketers, thought leaders and technologists who loved marketing , but were tired of bottlenecks and endless work-arounds that were only solved by throwing more people and resources at the problems. Everything was slow, data was old and nothing was adaptable. That simply doesn’t work for today. So we did something about it.

We built Cordial: a true solution, powered by machine learning — and built to empower marketers to see more, do more, reach more people in more powerful ways. Cordial. The most adaptive messaging platform, built for this ever-evolving connected age.

Meet The Founding Team

Jeremy Swift

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adam Gillespie

CoFounder & Chief Technical Officer

David Baker

CoFounder and Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

Chris McGreal

CoFounder- Product Leader

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