Next Gen Triggered Marketing

Increase ROI with effective event-triggered messaging.

Fast implementations

Do this in days, not weeks or months.  Cordial has built event listeners that are as easy as putting a piece of code on the pages you want to trigger.

Easy Automation

Trigger off a site event, an inventory alert, a lifestage or easily build communication streams.

Best in class reporting/testing

Monitor what works, test variations, all within an easy to use marketer friendly user interface

How it Works


Product Catalog Data

In simple terms, you can store all or part of your product catalog data in Cordial. Store it or call it at the point of send through our Smarty Templating language. No back-end integration or feeds required and unlimited category and attribute data.

User Identification (Anonymous/PII)

Will capture site visitor data whether they’ve logged in or not. First Party cookie ID, that will marry with the user once they are identified. Never lose historical behavioral data

Smart Content and Audience Rules

Set audience controls, frequency rules, and allow the interaction to help you refine the content. Fancy? We think so. But don’t be fooled, this only makes the process easy, the creative thinking is still in your court.

Analytics and Measurement that matters

Meaningful reports. We didn’t built worthless dashboards, we give you the ability to monitor results in real-time cross any device at the individual level. Real reporting that helps you make decisions fast.

Triggered email open rates are four times higher than newsletters
Approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year, and about 63% of that is potentially recoverable by savvy online retailers
BI Intelligence
over 46% of abandoned cart emails are viewed on a tablet
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