Cordial’s Intelligent Messaging Platform

Designed for tomorrow's data. Create and deliver data-driven customer experiences that exceed expectations.

Real Innovation to help you change your game

This is the platform we dreamed of for over a decade! Designed for the Marketer, architected for the developers and IT, optimized for the experience.

You need

You need scale, flexibility and power without complexity.

You want

You want simpler pricing and fewer complicated lock-in contracts

You appreciate

You appreciate a great user interface and expect APIs for all functionality.

You aspire

You aspire to deliver true real-time 1-to-1 triggered messaging via data-driven campaign automation.

You imagine

You imagine a workday with more time for creative strategy and less spent on implementation & execution.

You dream

You dream about recommendations engines, machine learning and algorithmic optimization… they’re on your list

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Insights that drive action

Dynamic campaign results, wherever you are. Campaigns, trends, revenue, interests, visualize and manage new dimensions of reporting in near real-time.

  • What you want to see
    View and report your KPIs by audiences you define
  • Where you want to see it
    Access your data on any device using our responsive UI
  • When you want to see it
    Review results as they happen or analyze trend data over time

Streamline how you work

We have simplified how you create and manage content, how you leverage data in building personalized and contextual experiences and how you plan, execute and test your campaigns.

  • Intuitive audience management
    Find, filter and create your audience in just a few clicks – watch the counts update in real-time.
  • Fast and easy campaign creation
    Glide through the process of message development – our efficiently designed user interface is the experience you have been waiting for.
  • Automation made simple
    Design, deliver and automate data driven messaging with ease – create intelligent triggers or send using an API.

Cordial can help optimize your business.

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