Cordial @ House of Blues

Spend opening night of EEC 2017 with us at the Parish Room, House of Blues.

Event Details

Venue | House of Blues – Parish Room
Date | Monday night, May 1
Time | Immediately following EEC Opening Night Reception until 11:30pm.

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We invite you to experience the true laid back, jazz-filled life and culture of New Orleans with your fellow email marketing enthusiasts – all while being hosted, entertained and well fed at one of the most popular venues among locals and tourists alike – the House of Blues, New Orleans. Nestled in the historic French Quarter, the House of Blues has hosted some of the biggest names and local talent in blues, jazz, and soul music – all while delighting the tastebuds with their fine New Orleans cuisine and voodoo-ish mixtures and elixirs. We hope you join us on what is surely to be one of the most memorable nights in email marketing history.


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