Cordial joins R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator Aug. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today, R/GA Ventures and Westfield Labs announce the companies chosen for the Connected Commerce Accelerator. The products and services offered by the program participants showcase the broad range of possibilities for advancing the retail and … Read More

Cordial Doubles Revenue This Quarter With New Clients, Including Digital Entertainment Studio, JibJab

Marketwire:  June 22, 2016 08:00 ET SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – June 22, 2016) – Cordial, an event data, analytics and messaging platform, announced today that they have secured JibJab and an impressive roster of new clients this quarter. JibJab will … Read More

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Cordial Overview Brochure

Need a quick view of what we do , here’s our recent company brochure.    

Smart Coffee Machine

My Coffee Maker Unfriended Me

Article from David Baker (Founder, COO Cordial)  Originally published on MediaPost, June 06, 2016  click Do you think of the Internet of Things (IoT) as the smart refrigerator and milk being delivered to your door when you run out? Or the … Read More


Cordial,, JibJab host EEC Meetup in LA

The LA eec Mixer hosted and sponsored by, JibJab and Cordial was a success! The event featured a series of discussion tracks on Personalization, Testing and Machine Learning, led by Alessandra Souers of JibJab and Adam Meshot of Cordial. While … Read More

The Email Innovations Summit Meets the Future of Email Marketing with Cordial’s Leadership

May 16, 2016, San Diego, Calif.- This week, Adam Meshot, Director of Development and Daniel Smith, Internet of Things (IoT) Architect at Cordial, a next-gen behavioral messaging platform, will be guiding the Las Vegas Email Innovations Summit into the future … Read More


Fashion Digital Presentation with GovX

GovX 3 C’s of personalization (am 05.10.2016)1


Making the Complex- a little simpler

Making the Complex Simple Posted: David Baker @social_c_r_m For today, I’m here to help simplify your life. (Well, at least your e-mail program.) And most importantly, by doing this, I’m here to help you achieve something much more significant: making … Read More


Bounce Handling 101

Posted by David Baker (Founder, CSO/COO) “Bounce Handling and Controls” If an e-mail address in your list ceases to be valid, you remove it from the list. There are more subtle aspects of bounce management that you might not be … Read More

Backgammon to school

How to think about digital “Re-Engagement”

Author: David Baker (originally posted on MediaPost) Outside of new customer acquisition, reactivating customers can be the most frustrating and expensive exercise you ever take on, also providing some of the worst performance metrics you’ll ever see. While there’s been … Read More