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heavy lifting.

You’re a marketing genius. But you spend your time on repetitive tasks like segmentation, A/B testing and content iteration.

Cordial is an adaptive messaging platform that tracks every customer action to automatically generate personalized messaging, so you don’t have to.

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Capture every brand interaction.

Cordial tracks every customer interaction across every corner of your brand.

  • Collect and store billions of customer and prospect behaviors from your emails, website, app and connected products.
  • Create and trigger marketing messages based on nearly any granular customer action.
  • Capture anonymous prospective customer activity from the moment they arrive on your site and automatically connect that data to their profile when they sign up.

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Automatically generate individual messaging.

Cordial dynamically creates personalized, individual messaging based on each customer’s real-time and historical behaviors – no need for database queries or manual segmentation.

  • Automatically create and include individualized messaging in your newsletters, promotional emails and transactional messages built from your website content.
  • Avoid the need for IT queries on your database.

Go beyond A/B testing.

Cordial automatically optimizes triggered messages in real time, constantly testing and changing messages based on top-performing elements and combinations.

  • Cordial Experiments™ learns from customer responses to all the variables you’re testing and applies machine learning to rapidly adapt and improve response.
  • Ideate, test and refine with a real-time dashboard showing performance improvements across millions of permutations of your message.
  • Test an unlimited number of variables including copy, creative, call to action, subject line and more.

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“We were able to onboard most programs in half a day and had perfect deliverability out of the gate...Cordial gave us a level of flexibility with content, rules, automations and testing that we couldn’t attempt with the bigger ESPs.”
- Mike Beckham // Tumbledeal
“After a long due-diligence process with leading email marketing platforms, we found Cordial’s nimble, modern approach to email marketing — built with automation, machine learning, and cross-channel flexibility — to be the best fit for our business,”
Alessandra Sauers/JibJab Alessandra Souers// JibJab
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